A La Carte Services

Legal Support for Self-Represented Parties

We provide legal advice and assistance to parties who are proceeding through the family law courts without attorneys.  We can assist you with all phases of your case from the preparation and filing of your documents to preparing for court appearances and negotiating settlement.

Consulting Attorney & Review Counsel

For parties proceeding as self-represented or who are mediating their divorce or family law matter, we offer critical support by providing individual legal advice, coaching and document and agreement review so that you are fully informed and prepared as you move forward.

Online Divorce and Family Mediation Services

Online mediation allows the parties to work through the issues of the divorce or other family law matter in the privacy and comfort of their own home.  The online platform allows the process to proceed as quickly as possible allowing you to move forward with your lives  without the delay and expense of litigation.

Drafting of Forms and Agreements

We provide services to prepare and help you file the necessary court forms to process your legal action.  In addition, we can prepare all required financial forms and calculations to assist you in your process.  When you have resolved your matter, we can prepare your Agreement or Stipulation for submission to the Court.

Case Evaluations & Strategy

For Parties still in the decision phase of trying to determine if divorce or other court action is the right path, we offer case evaluation and consultation to help you make informed decisions about how you wish to proceed.  We will provide you with valuable information and help you formulate a plan to move forward.

Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

For couples contemplating marriage, or married couples who have encountered issues that need resolution, we can help you to discuss, negotiate and prepare both Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements.  Having an agreement will help avoid or resolve disagreements and misunderstandings in the future.  

Post-Dissolution Modifications

After the divorce is finalized it is not uncommon that there is a significant change in one or both of the parties' circumstances.   We can help you negotiate and finalize a modification to your existing Agreement or Judgment.

Custody and Parenting Plans

We can help you discuss and prepare a suitable custody and parenting plan that appropriately addresses the issues of legal and physical custody and helps you establish an access schedule that is in your child or children's best interests.

Post-Divorce Details

Once you finalize your divorce, there is often still a great deal of work to be done such as estate planning, name changes, QDRO's and property transfers.  We will help you plot your course of action and assist you in completing each task.

Financial Review and Calculations

Divorce and Family Law Matters such as support and property division often require complicated financial calculations in order to determine things such as child support, tax consequences and property equalization.  We will prepare all necessary calculations and review the financial discovery materials to provide valuable and necessary information for settlement.

Neutral Evaluations and Special Mastering

When negotiations have reached a stalemate or stalled, we provide a neutral evaluation  of your case with recommendations for settlement to help you move toward agreement with a fresh perspective and an impartial assessment of your prospective outcome in a courtroom.

And More . . .

We have over 27 years of valuable experience and expertise to assist all parties working through family law matters and can tailor our services to best suit your needs.  Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss how we can best assist you in the most cost-effective way possible.

Online Services Only

Please Note: CT Family Law Online Provides Services in an Online Format ONLY

 CT Family Law Online does not provide in-person meetings or consultations and does not provide any in-court representation services whatsoever.  CT Family Law Online would be happy to provide referrals to local Connecticut counsel and resources from our extensive list of providers if in-person or in-court representation better suits your needs.  Please contact us directly for more information.


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