FAQs About Divorce and Family Law

Can I Get A Divorce Without Having an Attorney in Court?

Yes, in fact the vast majority of cases in Connecticut family courts these days have at least one party who is self-represented.  The extremely high costs of litigation have made it impossible for many people facing divorce to retain an attorney.  This does not mean that you need to proceed through the process alone.  We can provide you with guidance and assistance as you navigate the legal process to help you to best represent yourself and your interests at significantly less cost.

Does My Divorce Have to Be Decided by A Judge?

No, almost 95% of divorce and family law cases are settled by the parties coming to an agreement.  The most common methods for reaching an agreement with your spouse or former partner are through negotiation or mediation.  We can provide you with legal advice and coaching as you negotiate your issues or provide neutral mediation services to you both by facilitating your discussions and helping you both to reach your agreement.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process where your mediator acts as a neutral professional to support both parties by helping you to identify the issues to be resolved, giving you the law and context around those issues and helping to facilitate your conversations about those issues in order to arrive at an agreement.  We provide divorce and family mediation services to help you avoid the financial and emotional costs of a litigated divorce.  You can see our WEBINAR outlining the divorce mediation process and the benefits of mediating your divorce here.

Do I Need a Large Retainer to Get Started?

No, since we offer a la carte services, you can pick and choose the divorce and family law or mediation services you wish us to provide in accordance with your budget.  In addition, as we do not provide in-court representation and all our services are provided in an online format, we are able to better manage our time and efforts in order to offer reduced rates and in some cases, flat fees for our services.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

I'm Mediating My Divorce, Do I Need An Attorney?

Even when mediating your divorce it can be a very good idea to have a consulting attorney to give you specific legal advice and to help you to prepare your negotiation strategy.  In addition, when you have reached an agreement with your spouse and it has been put in writing, you should have your own attorney review it with you to insure that you understand it and it correctly states your agreement.  After all, this agreement will affect your life for some time to come.  You can read our article in "Divorce Magazine" about the cost effective reasons to have an attorney in mediation here.

I am Thinking About Divorce But Don't Know What to Do - Can You Help?

Absolutely.  One of our most popular services is the Case Evaluation or Gateway Consultation.  Knowledge is power, so if you are contemplating divorce, but are unsure of how to proceed and what the future holds, it is an excellent idea to meet with us to learn about what you are facing as you divorce.  We can also help you to plan your path forward so you can proceed in a well thought out and prudent manner.  After more than 27 years of practicing family law in Connecticut, we can give you the guidance and advice that you need - give us a call today.

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